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Virtual reality immersive chronic pain education and management tools for clinicians.


Chronic pain is no longer seen as an unresolved injury. It is now seen as a complex condition caused by changes within the nervous system. Guidelines around the world stipulate a management approach that trains both the body and the brain.

Prof Lorimer
Professor Lorimer Moseley AO

Using virtual reality (VR) immersive educational and management tools, you can retrain both the body and the brain. By altering sensory inputs, which allow movement and loading we can create new neural pathways that lead away from pain - ultimately towards recovery.

Virtual Reality Application


Virtual Reality Application

Compelling immersive educational experiences that support retraining the body and brain.


Modern Pain Science


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Based in modern neuroscience, under the scientific direction of Professor Lorimer Moseley.



Advanced management platform for chronic pain



Compelling and immersive pain education that helps clients understand how pain works to enhance outcomes.


Retrain the brain to create new neural pathways that can lead to less pain.


Education assists in retraining the body through movement and loading to help clients with their recovery.


An evidence-based program grounded in modern pain science built for clinicians.

“The challenge is that these concepts are complex to understand and impart. It is crucial that we educate and equip HCPs with proven tools that empower them to more effectively engage with patients.”

Prof Lorimer Moseley

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New Discussion Paper

Reality Health is thrilled to share the release of a groundbreaking discussion paper titled "Making Pain Education Better: historical underpinnings & recent innovations" authored by respected experts Professor Lorimer Moseley and Professor Cormac Ryan.