Advanced education and management platform for chronic pain

Grounded in science, clinicians can use the VR tools to assist in managing their clients with chronic pain. Using consistent language and metaphors, the platform incorporates modern pain education and management strategies that improves health literacy in the goal of decreasing pain system hypersensitivity and condition the body to be ‘fit for purpose’. We achieve this by providing:

Enhanced education that supports the HCP in communicating complex topics.

Standardised tools for HCP’s to use with clients during consults.

Experiences that alter sensory input and aid learning outcomes.

“As a clinician specialising in the treatment of chronic pain, these tools have enhanced my treatment and are delivering improved understanding and outcomes.”

Chronic pain practitioner

The platform combines virtual reality (VR) with a secure web portal to provide powerful education and management tools that drive better outcomes for patients.

Virtual Reality Application


Virtual Reality Application

Assist your patients to manage their chronic pain with an immersive, interactive and powerful VR application.


Secure Web Portal


Secure Web Portal

Based in modern neuroscience, under the scientific direction of Professor Lorimer Moseley.



The most advanced treatment platform for clinicians treating chronic pain

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“Very very informative. I learnt a lot more in that 12 minutes, than what I have learnt and understood in many many years.”

Spinal fusion patient - NSW

What’s in the platform?

A VR application made up of a series of immersive modules that you can use with clients to deliver compelling, accurate, pain education that meets guidelines around the world stipulating a management approach that trains the body and the brain. Immersive experiences that you can provide in clinic to promote client understanding, reduce the apprehension to move and alter sensor input during rehabilitation.

Understanding Pain

This module introduces your clients to the key concepts of modern pain science. These concepts are based on a large body of research, including a study that identified what recovered patients valued learning most of all. The objective is for your client to start engaging with you about how they can use modern pain science to promote their recovery.

Retrain your Body

Recovery from persistent pain is more than just understanding modern pain science. Rehabilitation based on modern pain science aims to train the body and the brain - the entire pain system. In this module, we take you through the application of modern pain science to commence the retraining of an overprotective pain system.

Retrain your Brain

In Retrain your Brain, you will be introducing your clients to the pain system’s ability to amplify pain and the key for recovering from persistent pain - the ability to turn pain down. The concept that many factors influence pain has been identified by recovered patients as a critical concept in their recovery. The amplifier metaphor allows a compelling and memorable implementation pathway for this concept.


For clients with persistent pain the thought of movement can be overwhelming, but we know it is crucial to find the right balance between doing too little (which won’t allow the body to adapt) and doing too much (which might result in a flare up). Just the right amount of activity and loading with minor pain is essential to retrain the pain system. This module helps you educate clients on how to find their “sweet zone”.

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From the experts

“Healthcare professionals report that the single biggest barrier faced to delivering modern pain care is the skills, knowledge and confidence to introduce and explain this model to consumers and to coach them towards recovery”

Prof Lorimer Moseley